Decorative Gravel

This magnificent gravel is truly the most beautiful landscaping material ever produced here at Elmore! It appears to change shades to fit the natural changes in both sunlight and moisture. When wet, this gravel appears as a deep golden beige. Allowed to dry, it becomes a near white beige color with a hint of peach. The extended uses for this dynamic gravel truly bridge the large gap between our existing white and brown products.

Available in sizes 1, OS, 4, 5, 57, 67 and 7.

Decorative Gravel

Elmore is the premier producer of the most beautiful river gravel available in today’s market. This gravel has been shaped and curved by the sands of time. These stones adorned streams and rivers for centuries until they were transformed into the smooth, round pieces we have today. Gravel plays a major role in landscaping and is used along pathways, as low maintenance ground cover or ornamental stone for your flower beds. We offer decorative rock and pebbles to fit every landscape need.

Our decorative gravel is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Sizes range from Big Ones down to pea gravel and colors range from white to brown and everything in between. Consult our size and picture chart below to see which product is right for you. No job is too large or small for Elmore as all of these products can be loaded on trucks or shipped in railcars. Our extensive and unique selection of river gravel will give your landscape or building project the polished and professional look it deserves!

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